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LOVE NOT WAR Amore - Head only

When the vibe hits your clit and the climax won’t quit, that’s AMORE. Anyway, this is LOVE NOT WAR’s iconic AMORE, a pocket-sized clitoral bullet...
Manufacturer LOVE. NOT WAR.
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When the vibe hits your clit and the climax won’t quit, that’s AMORE.

Anyway, this is LOVE NOT WAR’s iconic AMORE, a pocket-sized clitoral bullet vibe that packs that’s every bit as pleasurable to use as it is beautiful to look at.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design pleasure products that are as artistic as they are orgasmic, and as a result of that commitment, AMORE is one of our most popular designs ever.
And it’s not just style: it’s an incredibly pleasurable, quiet, waterproof toy that elevates sex and personal pleasure to a whole new level.

It’s classic. It’s intense. It’s gorgeous. That’s AMORE.

NeoSilicone™ is the world’s first silicone compound that’s safe to use with superior silicone lubricants.
Use lube generously, and often.

AMORE’s inner body and end ring are made with 100% recycled aluminium and uses the minimum amount of silicone needed.
The motor back in the Power of Love Battery Base is made with a plastic that is biodegradable, and our logo is lovingly engraved onto the toy with a laser, so there is no ink or nasty chemicals used. 

Our toys will come with a white, sleek travel bag, made from Tencel lyocell.
We use this material, because it’s better for the environment than other materials.
It does not use harmful chemicals in the production process, and the earth friendly ink we use to print our logo on the bag is easily transferable and long lasting. 

Tencel is also less likely to gather bacteria and other nasties that can transfer to the toy.
It also requires less energy and water than conventional cotton, and as it’s plant-derived, it is biodegradable.
If that’s not enough, Tencel is also considerably thicker, to help protect the product.

Don’t be put off by AMORE’s discreet size, this pocket-sized vibrator is surprisingly powerful.
Whether you are in the mood for solo play or getting intimate with your partner, this sleekly designed classic bullet is here to give you all the pleasure plus more.
AMORE is designed for clit stimulation, nipple play and all over external fun for you and your partner.
It’s also safe for vaginal play and can reach the G-Spot on many bodies.

Offering deep powerful vibrations, with multiple speeds and patterns, Amore can be teased across your nipples, pressed firmly on your clit, or used for playful shallow internal stimulation.
The bullet is a classic, and the AMORE is classically pleasurable. 

AMORE has a malleable tip made from FDA Grade silicone that is soft to the touch.
Beneath the tip is a large, flat surface area that will deliver vibrations over a vast area.
AMORE was designed with a deliberate off centre point to transmit maximum vibrations across the body. 

Here at love. not war., we ensure that the silicone and aluminium we use is body safe, and soft touch coated so that it is super smooth on skin.


  • For: Clit stimulation, nipple play and all over external love
  • Feels: Super soft to the touch and deceptively powerful
  • Bonus: It’s safe for vaginal play and is long enough to reach the G-spot on many bodies

  • Made from body & earth safe materials
  • Compatible with all love. not war. vibe heads
  • Waterproof

  • Repairable and recyclable
  • Quiet
  • Low Power Indicator
  • Travel lock